Major League Baseball

In the age of highlight reels and Top Ten Plays, baseball has plummeted in popularity due to its lack of action. What originally attracted the masses to the game—ball players with ordinary physical builds performing extraordinary athletic feats —has taken a back seat to the physical specimens of the NFL and NBA . Little League Baseball participation in the U.S. has declined by 25% since 1996, further proving that Major League Baseball's "steroid-era" has caused the game to lose touch with a generation of fans.

We need to remind people why they love baseball and attract a younger audience to MLB stadiums.

Our National Pastime's incredible depth and broad spectrum of things to offer often goes unnoticed. There are 23 ways for a batter to reach first base safely. A 5-year-old and an 85-year-old can get the same enjoyment out of a ballgame. It's time we celebrate the many unique qualities that make baseball, baseball. 

The ballpark experience has something for everyone.

Major League Baseball finished the 2013 season with over 74 million in attendance, sixth-best in the league's 145-year history.