Bleacher Report sees sports differently. It doesn’t just provide box scores and highlights, it produces some of the most unique, timely and entertaining content in the sports media industry. By doing this, Bleacher Report has redefined the way we consume sports. But a low unaided brand awareness meant the leader in digital sports content was still relatively unknown. To extend the brand's reach and solidify Bleacher Report's positioning as the voice of the modern sports fan, we teamed up with Blackalicious to create a sports-focused remix of the group's iconic song, “Alphabet Aerobics”The final product was the "Sports Alphabet", a branded music video featuring dynamic animation that could be cut down into 26 pieces of content to share with our eager audience.

Thus far, the "Sports Alphabet" has earned 90 million+ media impressions, been streamed 170,000+ times on Spotify, and aired during primetime NFL, NBA and March Madness tournament games. In 2016, the work was awarded Gold and Silver at the One Show, Gold at the American Advertising awards, and top honors at the AICP awards. 

I wrote the initial brief that introduced Bleacher Report as the intersection of culture and sports, and led the briefing process internally. As an arbiter of sports culture, I helped the creative teams understand the differences between Bleacher Report's content-driven philosophy and the traditional sports media outlets that rely on in-game results or hot takes. I also assisted with ideation and helped tailor some of the "Sports Alphabet" lyrics to be more sports-centric.

Creative Director: Jamie Barrett, Pete Harvey

Art Director: Brad Kayal, Byron Wages

Copywriter: Jake Reilly

Producer: Nicole Van Dawark, Charlotte Dugoni

Animation: Gentleman Scholar