YP - Can Do That

The Yellow Pages is a 130-year-old brand that everyone knows. yp is the modernized version of the Yellow Pages that nobody knows. It's a new site and a new app, and it's still the most efficient path from to-do to done. We needed to communicate to the "Doers" of the world that yp can help them do, well, pretty much anything.


The Yellow Pages has a bad rap. Many think of it as an out-of-date waste of trees that's best used as a child's booster seat. But in reality, it's still one of the most used resources when people need to connect to local businesses. Yes, times have changed. But the Yellow Pages has changed, too. It's now yp, a modernized version of the brand featuring a new app and a new website. It's still simple. It's still reliable. It's still connecting people and businesses. But yp had a problem: an unaided brand awareness of 10%.


We were tasked with creating a multimedia campaign that increased brand awareness, drove app downloads and positioned yp as an action brand for those who pride themselves on getting things done.


"Doers" value anything that makes completing everyday tasks more efficient. They're go-getters, but also influencers. If they find something useful, they'll share it with friends. We wanted to communicate a very simple message to this audience: If you want a million search results, use Google. If you want to read 100 consumer reviews, use Yelp. If you want to connect with businesses to get your to-do list done, use yp.


We needed to show our audience that yp could help them do pretty much anything. Like finding the best plumber in town, or the nearest gas station. Or maybe even something bigger. The campaign included TV spots airing on the major networks during primetime, a takeover of Grand Central Station, a strong presence in digital, social and radio, and a massive out-of-home buy in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville and Atlanta.


The new and improved yp app was downloaded 300,000 times during the campaign, and yp's mobile ad revenue reached $378 million in 2013 – second only to the Facebook app.

Creative Director: Jamie Barrett

Copywriter: Brad Phifer

Art Director: Brad Kayal