wwe2k15 - Feel It

When 2K Games took over the WWE video franchise in 2013, they did a complete overhaul of the game to make it feel more realistic. We needed to prove that this was a new era for the WWE video game experience, and bring the realness of a scripted form of entertainment to life. 


The WWE is an entertainment powerhouse. Live events attract nearly two million attendees every year, Monday Night RAW averages millions of viewers each week, and the WWE and its superstars have over 220 million followers on social media. But there was one glaring weakness in the WWE universe: the video game. The graphics were poor. The gameplay failed to evolve. And the masses were left underwhelmed. Now that 2K Games was able to integrate its popular gaming technology, the WWE could finally deliver a gaming experience that exceeded the expectations of its fans. 


We we're tasked with developing an integrated campaign that would establish WWE2K as a premium gaming franchise, broaden the WWE2K's appeal, and increase year-over-year preorder sales. 


The WWE has an unapologetically diehard fan base with high expectations for the brand. For these folks, the WWE isn’t fake—it’s entertainment. And its entertainment they take very seriously. To match the seriousness of our audience, we needed to promote WWE2K in a way that showcased the intensity and “realness” of professional wrestling. 


To stand out in a crowded category and prove that this was a new era for the WWE video game experience, we needed a new approach to the game's advertising. The WWE video game has a history filled with slap-stick comedy and over-emphasized punchlines. But with best-in-class graphics and a more realistic gameplay, we had the opportunity to change the conversation around WWE2K15. So, we decided to go all in on real. 


The “Feel It” campaign struck a chord with the WWE faithful and turned a disappointing video game franchise into a must-have extension of the WWE brand. Preorders increased by 64%, or about 100,000+ copies year-over-year. Retail sales improved by 44% with over 1.5 million copies sold across the globe. Social media engagement grew by 1,300% and brand advocacy rose by 60%. 

Creative Director: Pete Harvey

Copywriter: Brad Phifer

Art Director: Brad Kayal