The WWE video game has a history filled with slap-stick comedy and over-emphasized punchlines. Simply put, this approach did not resonate with the WWE's diehard fans. For these folks, the WWE isn’t fake—it’s entertainment. And it's entertainment they take very seriously. When 2K Games took over the video game franchise in 2013, they integrated best-in-class graphics and a more realistic gameplay. This gave us an opportunity to change the conversation around the video game's experience, and bring the realness of a scripted form of entertainment to life. So, we went all in on real. 

The “Feel It” campaign struck a chord with the WWE faithful and turned a disappointing video game franchise into a must-have extension of the WWE brand. Pre-orders increased by 64%, or about 110,000 copies year-over-year. Retail sales improved by 44%, with over 1.5 million copies sold across the globe. And social engagement grew by 1,300%, leading to a 60% increase in brand advocacy. 

I assisted on the strategic development for the initial pitch of the business, and helped provide the foundation for a messaging architecture that specifically targeted the core WWE audience rather than everyday gamers. I also led the internal briefing process and became the go-to source for the many storylines within the WWE. In subsequent years of the business, I helped write the creative briefs for each of the campaigns, led the briefing process for new internal teams, and conducted research into potential partnership opportunities and the use of WWE Stars.

Creative Director: Pete Harvey

Copywriter: Brad Phifer

Art Director: Brad Kayal