California is facing a historic drought. In 2014, the majority of the state was classified as experiencing “extreme” to “exceptional” drought conditions. Even the recent large storms, while welcome, haven’t made much of an impact on the state’s water deficit after several dry years. And some experts predict California’s water supply will run out in roughly three years. Californians have dealt with the drought for a while now, but no one has really done anything to help solve water conservation issues.

 barrettSF decided to throw its hat in the ring. 

Collaborate with local firms in the San Francisco creative community to develop and launch a self-funded, non-profit solution to the drought that Californians would be willing to act on. 

Australia, like California, has had to combat droughts in the past and found a simple solution to help conserve water: Drop a brick in your toilet.

 Each day, Californians use 203 million gallons of water flushing the toilet. That’s a year’s worth of drinking water for 1.1 million people going down the drain. Every single day. If everyone in California dropped a brick, we’d save 67 million gallons of water per day. The problem is that regular bricks erode with time, which ruins your plumbing. 

Partner with local manufacturing companies to create Drop-A-Brick: an ecologically safe toilet brick that displaces water in the toilet tank and reduces the amount of water used with each flush.

Within days, our campaign was picked up by media outlets like Adweek, Fast Company, Engaget, Brit + Co, Uproxx, and The Bold Italic. This media attention helped Drop-A-Brick partner with Waypoint Homes to place 500 bricks in housing units throughout California. And to date, we’ve sold 4,500 bricks, raised $45,000 and saved California thousands of gallons of  water. Additionally, our Drop-A-Brick campaign is one of the finalists for the One Show’s Intellectual Property Award.