DailyMVP - Have an MVP Day

DailyMVP was a new Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) app and was entering a category dominated by two massive spenders. With a dramatically smaller media budget, we needed to build a core user base for DailyMVP by driving new app downloads and signups.


DailyMVP was a new player in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) category, which was dominated by two massive spenders—DraftKings and FanDuel. These competitors were loud, omnipresent and had already established partnerships with the leagues they feature. To win a place at the DFS table, we needed a different approach.


With a dramatically smaller media budget, our challenge was to build a core user base for DailyMVP while becoming a recognized brand in the DFS category. Awareness was important, but our primary objective was to increase new app downloads and daily game sign-ups.


Rather than compete for users with the promise of life-changing paydays, we decided to keep it casual. We positioned DailyMVP as the DFS app for sports fans, not gamblers. These are the folks looking for some light competition during their mundane days, not to turn $3 into $300,000. 


To announce its arrival, DailyMVP needed to do something highly credible that would surprise and delight. So, we did the obvious: we got two of the biggest icons in sports and put them in hideous wigs. Hiring “MVPs” to represent “DailyMVP” meant instant branding and instant credibility.


Within the first month of the campaign, DailyMVP saw a 49% increase in app downloads and a 222% increase in daily fantasy game signups. The campaign earned 200 million media impressions, and the "Telemarketer" commercial was viewed over two million times in two days, resulting in nearly eight million impressions via social media.  The campaign also earned 57 media placements including ESPN, Bleacher Report, NFL.com, NBA.com, Fast Company, Good Morning America, and ABC Evening News. Additionally, "Gary" became the hottest meme on Twitter, and Tom Brady continues to keep us updated on his alter ego via his personal Facebook page.

Creative Director: Jamie Barrett

Copywriter + Director: Spencer Rivera

Art Director: Nik Daum